A Christmas Present for Bike Shops

This started as a very small, very simple idea. Yet, with free time and inspiration, sometimes strange things happen.

I noted recently that there are very few bike shops that are taking advantage of free Social Media marketing that’s available to them. This is stuff that ANY bike shop can and should do, and in times of scaled back marketing budgets, the practicality of it makes it extra sensible. However, if you’ve never used it before, it can be rather intimidating.

My basic premise: Because Social Media can make bike shops easier to find, can improve tribal connections with a shop’s communities, and can help shops build their online reputations, every bike shop should:

  1. have an active presence on Facebook
  2. actively use Twitter
  3. find ways to use cycling-specific social media like the Specialized Riders Club and Plus3 Network

So in my spare time (seriously!), I made a little how-to guide that walks you through the steps to get it done, with lots of pictures and examples.  It should take an hour or two to get started, depending on how savvy you are, and how easily you get sucked into awesome projects that will benefit your business at zero cost. It requires no programming skills, no advanced design skills, and no money.  And it’s all here, free, for any bike shop that wants it.  Download it here.

In tough economic times, it’s your tribe of dedicated friends and followers that will get you through it.  And you need them just as they need you to be there for them when their bike needs service, or when they need new tires. If this can help even one bike shop weather the downturn, then I figure I’ve done something good.

And for those who follow these sorts of things: I’ve released this under a creative commons share-alike license, so you can share this with anyone, and you can even make changes to it, but any derivitave works must also be released under the same CC license.

Enjoy, and happy Christmas!

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  • thanks! I have downloaded, and also sent along to some other folks.

    Comment | December 28, 2008
  • Great work, Chris.

    I’ve placed your doc on so it call be flicked through, not just downloaded.

    I’ve also added it to the BikeBiz twitter article from November (constantly updated with new bike Tweeters):

    Comment | December 30, 2008
  • Hi Chris, good work on that. I’d stress that people should avoid being constantly negative or critical — you won’t get many friends that way and people will just start ignoring you.

    Hope you have a great new year. We already have our news planned for April 1, and for 2009 it won’t involve Specialized :-)

    Comment | December 31, 2008
  • Thanks for the excellent primer. I’m a writer looking for ways to market my services to bike shops and your work helps me make my case. I agree 100% that the Web 2.0 holds great promise. I would add that retailers should make sure their bike shop is ‘geotagged’ (either on Google Maps or within the code itself). It is a marketing angle that shouldn’t be overlooked. Especially with GPS capability on the latest phones, more and more people are going to the web rather than the yellow pages and geotagging can help improve your rankings in the search results (as I understand it).

    Comment | January 7, 2009
  • Thanks for the awesome primer on Facebook and Twitter and social media, Chris. A great help!

    Yours in cycling,
    Jim Langley

    Comment | February 4, 2009
  • I am a Specialized dealer and read about the social media concept in the latest newsletter. i would like to join in.

    Comment | March 13, 2009
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